7th Power


pur pose vt. 1 something one intends to get or do 2 determination 3 the object for which something exists or is done

- Provide a measurable positive impact to our client's financial bottom line.


miss sion n. 1 a sending out or being sent out to perform a special service 2 a group of persons sent by a religious body to spread its religion 3 a diplomatic delegation 4 a group of technicians, specialists, sent to a foreign country 5 the special duty for which one is sent 6 a special task to which one devotes one's life; calling

- Connect the world, one business at a time


be lief n. 1 conviction that certain things are true 2 religious faith 3 trust or confidence 4 creed or doctrine 5 an opinion; expectation; judgment

- Mystic Oath - I am created, so therefore you are also created. My beliefs are mine, you do not have to accept them, but you must accept my right to have them.


val ue n. 1 the worth of a thing in money or goods 2 estimated worth 3 purchasing power 4 that quality of a thing which makes it more or less desirable, useful 5 a thing or quality having intrinsic worth 6 (pl) beliefs or standards 7 relative duration, intensity v. 7 to estimate the value of; appraise 3 to place a certain estimate of worth on 3 to think highly of

- We find solutions, not answers - We work as/are a family - We do not lie, cheat, or steal